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Revolutionising physiotherapy
Our purpose is to offer quality digital musculoskeletal healthcare, so you can live your active life.
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From runners for runners
Knowing the struggle of finding the right care for a running injury and the frustration of long waiting times has pushed us to found Exakt Health in January 2021. Our vision as founders is to make diagnosing and recovering from sports injuries as straightforward as possible.
Maryke Louw, Philip Billaudelle and Lucia Payo, Founders of Exakt Health
Our track record
Since we started Exakt Health we have come a long way to make high-quality physiotherapy accessible for everyone, everywhere.
Founders of Exakt Health
We are a team of experts, building digital products and helping athletes recover quickly from their injuries.
Maryke Louw
Maryke Louw
Co-Founder and Medical Lead
Maryke is the scientific backbone and medical brain of our app. As someone who embraces innovation and aims to create positive change through medical advice, she is leading our team of physical therapists.
Philip Billaudelle
Philip Billaudelle
Co-Founder & CEO
After running his first ultra-marathon, Philip made it to the finish line with a hamstring injury. The frustration of his rehab experience led him to search for a better way of doing physiotherapy and founding Exakt Health.
Lucia Payo
Lucia Payo
Co-Founder & CTO
Originally from Madrid, has 10+ years of experience in the industry and has worked for different types of companies, from agencies to product. The past years Lucia has been living in Berlin and working for N26, before co-founding Exakt Health.
The personal story behind Exakt Health
Certified as medical device
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Medical device
The Exakt Health app is certified as European Medical Device. The treatment plans are strictly based on medical evidence. Patient safety is our top priority.