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Plantar fasciitis rehab plan

We guide you safely from when your foot first becomes painful to a full return to running.
Plantar Fasciitis – Rehab plan by Exakt Health
Plantar Fasciitis rehab plan – Dashboard overview
Plantar Fasciitis – Rehab plan by Exakt Health
Plantar fasciitis exercise
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Regular strength training
7 progressive stages
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Video instructions
Research-based injury rehab plan
Research shows that the effective management of plantar fasciitis contains more than stretching the plantar fascia. Foot & leg muscles, as well as load management, are essential in improving the condition.
Rehab made affordable
Start your plantar fasciitis treatment plan today. The first 7 days are free. Afterward, you can choose between 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month full access to prevention and all rehab plans in the Exakt Health app.
1 month for $19.99
$19.99 per month.
3 months for $39.99
$13.33 per month, totaling $39.99
6 months for $59.99
$9.99 per month, totaling $59.99
Regain full strength after plantar fasciitis
  • The plantar fasciitis rehab plan contains evidence-based video exercises with clear guidance on reps, sets and frequency.
  • The app adapts the program according to your feedback and specific needs.
  • In order to regain full strength the workout intensities will increase as your plantar fascia heals.
  • The app ensures that you progress at the correct time by setting you clear targets for each stage.
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Plantar fasciitis
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The stages of your rehabilitation
The right combination of rest and exercise tailored to you individually is the most crucial intervention to manage your plantar fasciitis.
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Most important facts about plantar fasciitis
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