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A runner’s guide to calf strain injury: Part 2 – Exercise plan
Exercises for Calf strain injuries
Kim Van Deventer
Kim Van Deventer
Aug 16, 2021
In Calf Strain Part 1, we promised you a step-by-step exercise guide to help you recover from your calf strain. And here it is!

How long does it take for a calf strain to heal?

One of the first questions every athlete asks when they get injured is how long the injury is going to set them back. Calf strain rehab usually takes around 4 -16 weeks depending on your grade of injury.

How do you treat a strained calf muscle?

Calf strains respond well to a balance of relative rest and progressive exercise. A program that builds the muscle up bit by bit is most effective.

Muscles are made up of different types of fibers. Slow-twitch fibres are better for endurance exercises and fast-twitch fibres are better for short powerful bursts of activities.

Types of muscle fibers

Type I and Type II fibers
    • Small muscle fibers
    • Low, slow force
    • Tires out slower than Type II
    • Long contractions
    • Best for endurance and postural control
    • Large muscle fibers
    • High, quick force
    • Tires out faster than Type I
    • Short contractions
    • Best for power activities

Muscle contractions

They contract in three different ways
The muscle shortens while it contracts (going up onto tiptoes)
The muscle lengthens while it contracts (lowering back down from tiptoes)
The muscle contracts, but remains the same length (staying on tiptoes)

Get your personal calf strain injury treatment plan

A comprehensive treatment plan should develop all of these aspects. The Exakt Health App maps the rehab process into 7 stages. In each stage, different exercises target the different fibers and train the different types of contractions, preparing your muscles for the next stage.

By the end of the program, you will have a powerful, resilient calf muscle, and you can get back to running without fear of injury. You can get an overview of the app’s calf strain treatment plan here.

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Kim Van Deventer
Kim Van Deventer
Kim Van Deventer is a freelance healthcare writer and digital content strategist for healthcare businesses and medical content agencies. She worked as a physiotherapist for more than 14 years, specialising in sports injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, and women's health. Kim combines her clinical experience and digital marketing skills to create relevant and helpful content that improves patients' lives.
More injury resources for your calf strain
More injury resources for your calf strain
  • Calf strain injury
    Kim Van Deventer
    Kim Van Deventer
    Aug 16, 2021
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